Experience and Reliable Technology Make the Difference in Data Center Installation

We offer our Data Center Installation services to businesses from all sectors, from critical government institutions to private sector organizations where medium and large-scale information transactions are carried out.

We have service capability within the scope of operational continuity, system design and facility certification determined by the Uptime Institute. We build and commission systems that are fully ready for such compliance and certification structures in the technical specifications, which are the roadmaps we follow while serving our customers.

  • 24/7 Professional Support

    In the event of a disaster or a cyber attack, Heraklet’s professional team is at your side 24/7.

  • Topologies in TIER Standards

    It has network topologies that have a structure that can provide over 99% uninterrupted service throughout the year.

  • High Security Protocols

    It has a system design that is prepared for natural disasters, where physical contact is minimized for facility and environment safety..

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    Veri merkezi hizmetleri departmanımız, sertifikasyon sürecini tamamlamış nitelikli insan kaynağından oluşmaktadır.



We implement data storage, virtualization and cloud technology applications in all scales. Security, design and infrastructure, certification and compliance, scalability, information management systems and professional support services required for these systems are within the Heraklet service portfolio.

We work with the goal of taking Turkey to the global levels in the area of data centers and IT solutions.

Design and Infrastructure

We create the working conditions of network equipment as products of advanced technology. The Design and infrastructure phase includes the evaluation of the structural plan of the building where the data center will be located, and the design of electricity, fire extinguishing and uninterrupted power supply systems. The purpose of this service is to design a sustainable structural positioning for the data center and an ideal infrastructure and device system serving the purpose.

Projecting of floor raising and cooling systems is done within the scope of Design and Infrastructure. We have a partnership with Or-Ay Airduct in Cooling Systems (HVAC).

Compliance and Standardization: TIER Standards

Data centers are accredited by the Uptime Institute in 3 different areas: “Data Center Design Documents, Constructed Data Center Facility, and Data Center Operational Sustainability”.

The “Design Documents” certificate is based on the electrical and mechanical examination of the facility.

“Data Center Facility”, as it is known in our country, is an evaluation that provides uninterrupted service throughout the year and is made according to its redundancy capacities against disasters.

“Operation Sustainability” includes measurement of the efficient use of the installed facility structure, comprehensive evaluation of facility management and operational practices.

Security and Risk Management

The most important issue required for the sustainability of the commissioned Data Center is security and risk management. The security and risk management of the facility is evaluated from the area where the building is located, to the surrounding of the building, to the facility entrances and rock cabins. Possible cyber-attack and natural disaster scenarios are studied and the actions to be taken are implemented and practical training is given to the personnel.

In terms of risk management, Network Operations Management software processes humidity and temperature, vibration, flooding and air quality data, creating an alarm when necessary and notifying the relevant personnel according to the level of the alarm via SMS, Mail or call. Fire Extinguisher systems are a safety element that should be handled on its own.

Data Management

This is the process where the facility operation technical documentation, user duties and authority areas are determined. Applications of facility services are drawn up as procedures and how possible malfunctions are resolved is documented. All of this is collected in a database we call the Data Center Knowledge Base.

Data Center is managed with DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) Software. Thanks to DCIM software, the capacity can be clearly observed, load aggregation can be determined by making a heat map, energy management is made efficient, service KPI is monitored, power analysis and possible collapse scenarios are programmed.

In short, the Interface of the Data Center is DCIM software.

Capacity and Scalability

It is the network infrastructure and network devices that enable the data center to work. Network infrastructure; It consists of switching, routing and firewall systems. Network device systems consist of server structures, backup systems, virtualization systems.

Network infrastructures are systems that provide lossless communication of data packets between nodes. Firewalls, in addition to being infrastructure elements, also serve as key security elements of the system.

Apart from intrusion detection and intrusion prevention, SKYRON Firewall, which has the ability to keep system logs, hotspot gateway and Antivirus, has been developed by Heraklet.



  • Design and Infrastructure

    We are making a sustainable structural positioning, an ideal infrastructure and device system projects for data centers and system rooms.

  • SKYRON Firewall

    SKYRON Firewall UTM device has many features besides traffic control such as intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, antivirus, logging in accordance with 5651 law, and content filtering.

  • Network Operation Management

    NOM software processes humidity and temperature, vibration, flooding and air quality data and generates alarms when necessary and notifies the relevant personnel according to the level of the alarm via SMS, mail or call.

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management

    With DCIM, the capacity can be clearly observed, load aggregation can be determined by creating a heat map, energy management is made efficient, service KPI is monitored, power analysis and what to do in possible collapse scenarios are programmed.

  • Wireless Local Area Network

    Uninterrupted network service is vital in organizations. The perfect functioning of the WLAN structure is indispensable for the data center.

  • TIER Certifications

    Data centers are accredited by the Uptime Institute. As Heraklet, we perform the services we offer within the scope of TIER Certifications, and we provide consultancy to data centers in accreditation processes for these certifications.

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Our vertical solution expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Whatever your job, Heraklet Information Technologies is always with you with technology solutions compatible with you and the industry.

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  • Network Infrastructure System

    User management, workstation solutions, intranet structure and installation of switching routing and firewall systems are included in this field.Details

  • Network Device Systems

    This part covers the project design, installation and assembly, commissioning of server structures, backup systems and virtualization systems for corporate businesses.



    SKYRON Firewall UTM device, includes many features such as IPS/IDS, log encryption in accordance with GDPR law, content filtering, as well as traffic control.


  • Corporate IT Partnership

    We provide consultancy services on areas such as Internet infrastructure of networks and workstations, user authorization management, backup systems, and cyber security.


  • Industrial R&D Consultancy

    With our 20 years of network and programming experience, we provide consultancy to R&D projects in order to increase internal efficiency or help promote a newly released product.


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Our vertical solution expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Regardless of your corporate sector, Heraklet provides you with high-performance and industry-compatible solutions.

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