Preventing Data Loss is Possible with a Robust Network Infrastructure

Heraklet’s experienced staff provides consultancy on technical measures to be taken in order to ensure that personal data is processed, accessed and stored in accordance with the GDPR regulations.

Imagine having no problems with software updates or integration, no frustration with downtime, and no sleep loss due to security breaches. All this is possible with a well planned and solid network infrastructure. Heraklet is the best choice for your company to reach that flawless network infrastructure.

  • Optimum IT Budget

    Avoiding endless IT costs is only possible witha well-functioning robust network infrastructure. Heraklet offers you powerful network infrastructure systems that can solve your problems.

  • Reliable IT Partnership

    Our technical and support team has full knowledge of the Network infrastructure, including topology and cabling. We work in the scope of ISO 27001 Personal Data Security Standards in corporate solutions

  • Augmented Efficiency

    Businesses achieve high efficiency with low maintenance costs, uninterrupted data flow, secure intranet and internet infrastructure. Small changes will lead to long term benefits.

  • Operational Security

    Operational security is established by providing protection from viruses such as Trojan, Ransomware, Worm targeting corporate structures and recording the processes on workstations.



The intranet network infrastructure required for the workstations of the enterprises is designed in accordance with the project and technical specifications. Switching, Routing and Firewall applications are implemented by our CCNA and CCNP certified experts to serve the company for a long time.

Data Management

We install Microsoft File Server if there is not any file management software on use. Thus, all files can be managed from a single center. Then, a separate server is configured and backups of existing files are created there.

Folder Matrix and Authorization Matrix are created to determine in which folders personal data related to GDPR will be stored and who can access it. There is always a backup copy of your systems in case computers fail or files are deleted.

Data Security

Backup plans are made for all systems. While making these plans, the 3-2-1 rule is taken into consideration.

A globally proven, licensed, supporting Enterprise Backup system is used. For all backups, a restore/recovery test is performed periodically. For Disaster Management and Business Continuity, a Disaster Recovery Plan is made based on critical servers and data according to the needs of the institution. The replication server is positioned in different ways according to the criticality of the data.

Endpoint Management

We use a licensed software in this process and we keep it up to date constantly. Installing/uninstalling applications outside of the system administrator is prevented. Also, the BIOS is encrypted and boot devices are blocked. Data security and against leakage, USB, DVD, SD, Bluetooth etc. devices are also blocked.

A globally proven endpoint security system (Antivirus) is used. DLP (Data Loss Prevention) system is established and necessary rules are configured. Access, sharing and deletion policies are created and logged for classified data.

Authentication and Access Management

We install the Active Directory sofware to your device. With this software, authentication and access control are centralized. Other applications are integrated with Active Directory. Group Policies are configured. DNS, DHCP, other applications and services are restricted from working on the DC server.

Access Policies are applied for network and internet access. A separate server is configured for patch management and distributed to all systems. Free WUS (Windows Update Service) can be used for your Microsoft systems.

Corporate Mail Management

Mail systems are very important for both institutions and GDPR. Most of the personal, corporate and commercial data is processed in e-mail systems. Globally proven, licensed, supported and stable Corporate Mail systems are preferred. Our mail systems have spam mail and malware security systems. You can also create rules for your corporate brand and GDPR through your mail system, and manage your mail as you wish.

SIEM and Log Management

It is a must to keep access records in all systems within the framework of GDPR, and IS027001 standards. Log records are signed with the HASH method and it is guaranteed that they cannot be changed. Log records are kept in secure areas for the period determined by law and access is limited. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a system that centrally collects, stores and analyzes the logs produced by all systems in real time. SIEM Systems have more detailed configuration and reporting features than log analysis.



  • WiFi

    A wireless internet service is a network sharing service offered to workstations and devices that are eligible to join the network in an authenticated manner.

  • Firewall

    In addition to traffic control, SKYRON Firewall UTM device has many features such as IPS/IDS, logging in accordance with GDPR, and content filtering.

  • Cabling in Buildings

    In the operation of the WLAN system, the quality of the structured cabling and the functionality of the WiFi access points are very important.

  • Virtual Private Network

    Installation and management of enterprise VPN services such as PulseSecure, NordVPN, ExpressVPN are available in the Heraklet service portfolio.

  • Wireless Local Area Network

    Uninterrupted network service is vital in organizations. The perfect functioning of the WLAN structure is indispensable for this area.

  • Enterprise Router Devicesı

    Integration of routing and switching router devices into the system is a must for network infrastructures in corporate businesses.



Our vertical solution expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Whatever your job, Heraklet Information Systems is always with you with technology solutions compatible with you and the industry.

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  • Switching

    Switching is indispensible for workstations and all devices to be connected to the company network for a secure and fast network service.


  • Routing

    Flawless integration of router devices into the system has to be the first-stage priority for network infrastructures in corporate businesses.



    Skyron UTM device has other features like IPS/IDS, configurable web filtering and logging according to GDPR requirements.


  • WLAN Configuration

    Uninterrupted network service plays a vital role in enterprises. In this case, it is very important that the Wireless Local Area Network structure works perfectly.


  • Cabling in Buildings

    In the operation of the WLAN System, the quality of the structured cabling and the functionality of the WIFI access points are of great importance.


Do you want to stop wasting time on technology? Heraklet can be an ideal IT Partner for you. Get to Know Us!



Our vertical solution expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Whatever your job, Heraklet Information Systems is always with you with technology solutions compatible with you and the industry.

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