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What type of antivirus solutions do you offer?

We evaluate the needs of each institution according to its size and characteristics and offer them special antivirus infrastructures. In this process, we create a fully functional system by integrating our Skyron Firewall product into the antivirus systems offered by our solution partners such as Kaspersky and ESET. Our product can also work in interaction with other systems. Thus, we offer our customers a perfect cyber security infrastructure.

What are your services related to R&D Consultancy?

We offer solutions to companies in many different areas such as mobile, web and desktop application development, RF solutions, automation and barcode systems within the scope of end-to-end digital transformation and Internet of Things technology. We create these solutions in the form of projects, taking into account the specific needs of each business. All you have to do is tell us about your needs.

In which organizations Skyron Firewall used?

Skyron Firewall can be used to ensure internet security and data privacy in all businesses and organizations that provide internet infrastructure services. Public institutions are also included in the areas where the Skyron Firewall system can be used. We can make changes on our cyber security system according to the different needs of different businesses. Thus, each institution gets a fully functional special system that can meet its own requirements.
Our Firewall system enables businesses to fulfill their obligations in accordance with GDPR and offers different products suitable for each company size. Therefore, users of various sizes from many sectors can use our system.

Who can install and manage Skyron Firewall?

Any person working in your business can install and manage the Skyron Firewall product. To make our product easier to use, we determine eliminate possible problems you may encounter. In addition, we take care to keep the user interface as simple and understandable as possible. The explanatory user manual you will have with our product makes it easier for users to understand our system. The fact that our system, which we offer to your service, works with a Turkish interface, also eliminates possible problems that may arise due to language incompatibility.

Do I need pay extra for the time stamp certification?

When you purchase the Skyron Firewall system with its annual license, you do not have to pay an extra time stamp certificate fee. Because the time stamp certificate you will need is available in the software provided to you. If you want the logs to be recorded in your system to be stamped with a different time stamp certificate, you have to pay a fee for this. By including the stamping certificate you requested in your software for you, we can offer you the system you need.

Does skyron firewall protect our business from cyber attacks?

Yes, our Skyron Firewall product comes with functions that will protect your business against cyber attacks. The most important of these functions are IPS and IPS systems.
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a feature that identifies threats and attacks on your network. IDS collects and analyzes information about malicious activity and reports it to an SOC (Security Operations Center) for analysis by cybersecurity experts.
An intrusion prevention system (IPS) works by actively scanning the routed network traffic for malicious activity and known attack patterns. The IPS engine analyzes network traffic and constantly compares the bitstream with the internal signature database for known attack patterns.
Thanks to these features, your network connection becomes protected against cyber attacks.

Which one should I choose among different models of Skyron Firewall?

Different models of our Skyron Firewall are designed and developed to meet the needs of various businesses. At this point, the priority criterion is how many people in the enterprise are planned to provide internet connection service at the same time. It stores the log records of our product during its usage period in its internal memory. Therefore, the size of the logs planned to be stored should be taken into account when determining the required hardware features. When you let us know the features of your business, we will choose the most suitable Skyron Firewall product for you.

Is it possible to restrict any website in my network with Skyron Firewall?

Yes, you can easily block access to unwanted websites with Skyron Firewall. Thanks to the web filter feature in our product, it allows you to have control over theaccessibility of different websites. Blacklists and whitelists are created within the system. In this way, it can be determined which websites will be restricted or supported. Thanks to the network grouping feature on the system, different black lists can be arranged for internet connection users with different profiles. This means that you can disable or open certain websites only to a certain group.

Does the Skyron Firewall system have Hotspot feature?

Yes, our Skyron Firewall product offers hotspot support. In other words, you do not need to use a separate device or system to provide hotspot service. Thanks to the hotspot support, you can provide internet connection service within your business. At the same time, the transactions made by the users within the network connection are recorded and stored in logs. In addition, in order to distinguish between users, login is provided with an ID number and a special password. Thus, everything necessary in terms of both safety and legal obligations is fulfilled.

What types of penetration tests are offered by Heraklet?

We offer many different penetration testing services within Heraklet. We can apply all kinds of penetration tests that your business needs, together with our professional team. Penetration testing services we offer include:
– EMRA Compliant Penetration Test
– ISO 27001 Penetration Test
– Local Network Penetration Test
– Web Application Penetration Test
– SCADA/EKS Penetration Test
– Social Engineering Test
– BRSA Approved Penetration Test
– TSE Approved Penetration Test
– Mobile Application Penetration Test
– DoS and DDoS Denial of Service Tests
You can access the details about our penetration testing services by clicking here.

Does Skyron Firewall help us fulfill our GDPR obligations?

Yes, our Skyron Firewall product comes with features that will enable you to fulfill your GDPR obligations.
As it is known, every business that stores and processes data on digital platforms has some obligations under the GDPR regulations. It is obligatory to protect the systems in which personal data is stored against all kinds of unauthorized access threats over the internet. Our Skyron Firewall system includes security functions such as IPS/IDS to ensure network connections are secure. Thanks to these features, the systems where personal data are stored are secured and thus the requirements of the GDPR regulation are fulfilled.

Will I get the VPN service with Skyron Firewall?

Yes, the VPN feature you need is available in all Skyron Firewall products. The VPN services offered are divided into SSL VPN and IPSEC VPN.
SSL VPN is used to provide remote users with secure access to their organization’s networks. Since all your traffic is encrypted when using SSL VPN, connecting to company networks from public areas does not pose a security problem.
IPSec VPN is a group of protocols used to establish encrypted connections between devices. It helps keep data sent over public networks secure. IPsec is often used to set up VPNs and works by encrypting IP packets and authenticating the source the packets are coming from.

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