Heraklet Information Technologies

Heraklet is an information technologies company that produces global value in computer science. It provides cyber security, computer networks, and application development services on its campus in Istanbul Bakırköy.

Skyron UTM Firewall security device, Gravita industrial automation software, Atlas App Fleet Tracking Program, TextLab Yarn-Fabric Facility Software bear the Heraklet brand. Heraklet has been registered as an “advanced technology developer company” by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology.

As Heraklet, our company human resources policy is “People First”. Behind a good company, there is at least an equally good and qualified team. A company is like a building, not a single column but hundreds of columns carry that company. We care about our teammates joining our company and aim to raise the standard of living.

  • 40% R&D Investment

    As a company policy, we allocate 40% of our company revenues to R&D investments that require high technology.

  • Strong Team Play

    We organize events to increase communication between our employees and offer easy rotation.

  • Global Solutions

    Heraklet exports technology to more than 50 countries around the world, especially the United States of America.

  • Solid Partner Structure

    Heraklet cooperates with companies such as Kaspersky, Eset, Microsoft and IBM in the field of information technologies.


In the internship program held within Heraklet, candidates are offered the opportunity to undertake real-time computer science projects and turn their theoretical knowledge into practice. Internship applications will be accepted through the application form below between April 9 – May 9. Those who fill out the form on May 10 will have a theoretical internship exam. Prospective students will be announced on May 15 via email notification and heraklet.com.

After the announcement of the students who passed the exam on the website, the candidate students are asked to complete some work before the internship. Candidates who have completed their development programs in Operating Systems, Cyber ​​Security, Web Application Development, and Mobile Application Development departments are invited to internships within the company.

Many of our friends who took part in internship programs in the past continue to create value at Heraklet in the positions of engineers and technicians. The internship period is eight weeks, the salary is 30% of the minimum wage, and lunch is available.

Operating Systems (RTOS/GPOS)

Real-time operating system architectures, Task scheduling algorithms and unix-like kernel development processes are carried out for use in defense industry products.

In this context, applications for Clockwork operating system, hardware drivers and packages for BSD-based systems, application and local API developments are made with C/C++.

Cyber Security (Penetration Test)

Detection of hardware, software, and human-induced security vulnerabilities in the local and public computer networks of institutions by CEH, OSCP, OWASP certified penetration test experts. In penetration test processes; Linux, Kali, Metasploit, Wireshark, Nessus, Nmap, Burp Suite, Ncrack,
Netsparker, Acunetix, SQLNinja, etc., applications are used.

Web Application Development (Front-end)

Web Application Development aims to design and develop software-based solutions by analyzing customers’ needs. As a company that has come a long way in the IT sector, we enable digital innovation through developed technologies.

In Web Application – Front-End projects implemented within Heraklet; JavaScript ES6, jQuery, ReactJs, Vue.js, PHP, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SQL technologies are used.

Mobile Application Development (Flutter)

We bring productivity-enhancing mobile solutions to customers’ complex processes by constructing superior UI/UX design with intuitive analysis methods. In the development of our Mobile Application development team, Flutter uses Java-Android, Firebase, SQLite, XML, and Swift, technologies. Mobile projects are developed within the scope of independent or interdisciplinary projects.

Quality and Comfortable Working Environment


  • 300 m2 Gym

    It is known that office workers cause neck pain, low back pain and knee pain as a result of excessive inactivity and cause weight gain in a way that disrupts the body mass-height index. Heraklet employees receive a free weekly lunch when they exercise for 90 minutes a week.

  • Open Office

    You can work in any part of the office, on a pear, or an L armchair. We know the effects of sitting work on the body, and we offer a healthy work area to our employees.

  • Terrace with Sea View

    On the 16th floor of our office building, you will encounter the unique view of the Marmara Sea. You can enjoy the sunset in the vast comfort of the sea and sip your coffee with pleasure.

  • Project Development in Different Fields

    Heraklet employees, operating systems, web & offers the opportunity to be involved in projects in mobile applications, embedded software, and computer networks, according to their abilities. Young professionals, at the beginning of their careers, can gain different experiences.

  • Starbucks Coffee

    Within 20 meters of the company building, you can distract your colleagues at Starbucks Coffee and order an extra creamy caramel machiato from the baristas. You can shop as you wish and relieve your work stress at the Airport AVM, which is 50 meters away.

  • Long Term Internship Opportunity

    Many of our friends, who took part in internship programs in the past, continue to create value at Heraklet, first as long-term interns and then as engineers and technicians. Heraklet provides long-term internship opportunities to its interns for up to 6 months.




• Taking part in the 3rd or 4th year of the 4-year programs of the universities.


• Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Forensic Engineering

• Application of technical skills outside of the classroom (examples: laboratory, research, extracurricular project teams, volunteering, personal projects, or previous internship/work experience)

• Strong social skills (examples: leading a student organization or working successfully in teams)


April 9 – May 9 Application Process

May 10 – Internship Exam

May 11 – May 20 Candidate Announcement

May 20 – June 15 Candidate Preparation Program

June 15 – August 15 Summer Internship

August 16 – October 16 Fall Term Internship

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